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This EpiChemBio and MuTaLig COST joint meeting (CM1406-CA15135) will be held at the University of Porto, along Sept 22nd to Sept 24th 2017. Please check this info:  – final programme for the meeting  – practical information for this event  – accepted poster contributions  – book of abstracts  – meeting info (2nd circular)  – useful info for the event and the city […]

This meeting will be held at the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ, Lecture Hall, Heidelberg, 11-13 May, 2017), on behalf of the organizers: Frank Lyko, Christoph Plass, Karsten Rippe, Manon van Engeland & Olaf Witt. There will be 5 sessions, covering: Mechanisms of Epigenetic Deregulation Epigenetics of Single Cells and Molecules Epigenetic Programming & Epigenetic Plasticity Translational Epigenetics Epigenetic Therapy […]

This 2-day conference will focus on the study of epigenetic changes in normal and diseased cells in response to internal or external factors with the aim to translate basic epigenetic research into diagnosis, therapy and prevention. Clinical Epigenetics Society  welcomes your participation at CLEPSO,  “7th Clinical Epigenetics International Meeting”, ( , March 9th – 10th, at: […]

Scientific discussion meeting organised by Professor A Ganesan, Professor Marianne Rots, Dr Paola Arimondo and Dr Akane Kawamura. Request invitation through Epichembio, clicking here, It is required to register at the official website for these events: London 2017 may 22 9h. to may 23 17h. Frontiers in epigenetic chemical biology. At The Royal Society, London, 6-9 Carlton House […]

Epigenetics & Cancer Conference , Paris 2017 may 29-30. Organized by CVT AVIESAN, Institut Curie, REpiCGO and Grenoble Epigenetics Club. It aims at connecting Epigenetics Communities. Topics to be discussed: 1. Chromatin pathways and cancer 2. Epigenetics and metabolism deregulation in cancer 3. Non-coding RNA and cancer 4. Epigenetic Therapies 5. Epigenome driven cancer biomarkers

Two-day workshop will take place in Rome on November 30 – December 1 2016 (Hotel Massimo D’Azeglio, closeby Termini station). It is organized by the EU-funded A-ParaDDisE project consortium. There is no registration fee but participation will be limited to the first 100 candidates registering on the website: Epigenetic processes are increasingly being investigated for the […]

WG1 meeting in Belgrade
July 1, 2016

16th January 2017, Belgrade CM1406 – Epigenetic Chemical Biology (EPICHEMBIO) – COST CM1406 WG1 Scientific Workshop – EPIGENETIC CHEMICAL PROBES. Please, DOWNLOAD the program for this event. Keynote speaker: Bill Zuercher Principal Investigator, SGC-UNC, Research Associate Professor. Division of Chemical Biology and Medicinal Chemistry. UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy; University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

WG2 and WG3 Düsseldorf. 2017 March 8.
June 6, 2016

The meeting will take place at building: 26.32, level U1, room 21 Universitätsstrasse 1, 40225 Düsseldorf. It is the day before of the Clinical Epigenetics Society’s CLEPSO,  “7th Clinical Epigenetics International Meeting”, to be on March 9th – 10th. Alternatively, use this link for  CLEPSO Meeting 2017 – Registration.  

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