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In this article, Minchiotti, De Cesare, and colleagues show that the relative levels of two physiological metabolites, vitamin C and l-proline, direct ESCs toward naive or reversible primed states of pluripotency, placed between the naive/2i and FGF/activin states, and highlight a pivotal role of metabolic-epigenetic crosstalk in the developmental continuum.

Zwick V, Nurisso A, Simões-Pires C, Bouchet S, Martinet N, Lehotzky A, Ovadi J, Cuendet M, Blanquart C, Bertrand P. Cross metathesis with hydroxamate and benzamide BOC-protected alkenes to access HDAC inhibitors and their biological evaluation highlighted intrinsic activity of BOC-protected dihydroxamates. Bioorg Med Chem Lett. 26:154-159 (2016) More info >>>

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