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WG2 Epigenetic Technology


  • Improvements in analytical techniques for epigenetics e.g. CHIP, proteomics for the characterisation of chromatin with an emphasis on identification and quantification of modifications occurring at a low frequency e.g. oxidised cytosine in DNA.
  • Development and running of high-throughput in vitro assays for testing compounds prepared by WG1.
  • Development of plant and animal in vivo functional models for agrochemical and human health care targets.


  1. Synthesis of histone peptide probes bearing diverse modified side chains.
  2. Substrate profiling and sequence selectivity of DNA and histone modifying enzymes.
  3. Improved methods for CHIP and DNA sequencing.
  4. Detection of rare DNA modifications such as 5-formyl and 5-carboxyl cytosine residues.
  5. Epigenome-wide sequencing of disease states.
  6. New diagnostic methods for early epigenetic detection of disease.
  7. High-throughput assays for epigenetic enzymes and protein receptors.
  8. Assays for detection of miRNA changes in expression.
  9. Cell-based high content assays for epigenetic targets.
  10. Animal models for epigenetic targets.


Working Groups Members

ABIMAS. Biomedical Mass SpectrometryGermanyc.hopf@hs-mannheim.deCarsten Hopf
Andrea Mattevi Group: Structural BiologyItalyandrea.mattevi@unipv.itAndrea Mattevi
Biothermodynamics and Drug DesignLithuaniamatulis@ibt.ltDaumantas Matulis
Bonger Lab: Biomolecular Bonger
CRCINA INSERM UMR 1232. Nantes-Angers. Cancer and ImmunologyFrancechristophe.blanquart@univ-nantes.frChristophe Blanquart
Cancer Biology & Epigenetics‎. IPO-PortoPortugalcarmenjeronimo@ipoporto.min-saude.ptCarmen Jerónimo
Cancer Biology & Epigenetics‎. IPO-Porto. Carmen Jeronimo GroupPortugalinespsg@gmail.comInes Graça
Cell Architecture. Hungarylehotzky.attila@ttk.mta.huAttila Lehotzky
Cellular & Molecular Engineering @ DEI UniBOItalyemanuele.giordano@unibo.itEmanuele Giordano
Cellular & Molecular Engineering @ DEI UniBO. Italymarilisa.cortesi2@unibo.itMarilisa Cortesi
Chemical proteomics - Guillaume Médard Germanyg.medard@tum.deGuillaume Médard
Chen Lab: Chromatin BiologyUnited An-jung Chen
Darko Bosnakovski Bosnakovski
Department of Biological DNA Modification, Klimasauskas group. Lithuaniaklimasau@ibt.ltSaulius Klimasauskas
Department of Drug chemistryLithuaniavilmapetrikaite@gmail.comVilma Petrikaite
Division of Human Genome Research Centre, Vilnius Jarmalaite
Enzymology groupPortugalmfsilva@fc.ul.ptMarta F. Sousa Silva
Epigenetics. Renal and cardiometabolic riskSpainmaria.tellez@uv.esMaria Tellez-Plaza
Filippakopoulos Lab. Protein Science and Structural BiologyUnited Filippakopoulos
Fraunhofer-IME SP. Molecular Biology. ScreeningPortGermanySheraz.Gul@ime.fraunhofer.deSheraz Gul
Gabbianelli's groupItalyrosita.gabbianelli@unicam.itRosita Gabbianelli
Human Genetics Research, Maris Laan GroupEstoniamaris.laan@ut.eeMaris Laan
Immune Endocrine Epigenetics Research GroupLuxembourgjonathan.turner@lih.luJonathan D. Turner
Kyselovic group. Slovakiakyselovic@uniba.skJan KYSELOVIC
Laboratory of Animal Biology, National Research Development Institute for Animal Biology and Nutrition (IBNA)Romaniachedea.veronica@ibna.roVeronica Sanda Chedea
Laboratory of Genomics and Molecular biology,Italygiovanni.capranico@unibo.itgiovanni capranico
Lind Group. Cancer Epigenetics.Norwayguro.elisabeth.lind@rr-research.noGuro Elisabeth Lind
Mendel University in Brno, Genetics and Plant BreedingCzech Republicbaranek@mendelu.czMiroslav Baránek
Muriel Cuendet group. PharmacognosySwitzerlandmuriel.cuendet@unige.chMuriel Cuendet
Patrick De Boever Group. Sustainable HealthBelgiumsabine.langie@vito.beSabine Langie
Plant Functional Genomics Group, Malhó groupPortugalaafigueiredo@fc.ul.ptAndreia Cristina Figueiredo
Portuguese Mass Spectrometry Network & GEMAB Group & Enzymology GroupPortugalapamarques@fc.ul.ptAna Marques
Ronan Murphy group. Cardiovascular related epigenetics.Irelandronan.murphy@dcu.ieRonan P. Murphy
Southampton Cancer Research Centre. Molecular OncologyUnited Packham
Stem Cell Fate LabItalygabriella.minchiotti@igb.cnr.itGabriella Minchiotti
TINa (Team Involved in Nanocalorimetry)Italygiancola@unina.itConcetta GIANCOLA
Teresa Roldan Group. Epigenetics and DNA Repair GroupSpainge2roarm@uco.esTeresa Roldan-Arjona
University of PoitiersFrancejoelle.roche@univ-poitiers.frJoelle Roche

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