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Drosophila. Developmental Epigenetics
Centro de Biología Molecular. c)Nicolas Cabrera 1, 28049 Madrid, Spain

Drosophila development, epigenetic, Polycomb/ trithorax, microRNAs, apoptosis


Drosophila, imaginal discs, intestine, S2 cells.


Classical genetics, Molecular Genetics, Standard molecular biology and biochemistry. FACS . Confocal microscopy

Collaborations outside COST

In the last years, my lab has collaborated with Dr. P. Verrijzer, (Erasmus Medical Center, Rotterdam, The Netherlands) for proteomics and histone and protein biochemistry; with Dr. G. Cavalli (Institute of Human Genetics, Montpellier, France) for Chip-seq analysis; with Dr. B.Lemaitre (Global Health Institute, EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland) for innate immune response analysis and with Dr. S.Bray (Cambridge University, UK) for Notch function studies.

Short description of ongoing research projects

We investigate: 1-The epigenetic contribution to normal and pathological development using Drosophila imaginal discs and the adult Drosophila intestine. 2- The dP53 stabilization mechanisms. 3- The regulation of Polycomb and trithorax protein levels mediated by microRNAs.

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Other activities of potential interest to others

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