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MEDINA Foundation. Scientific Director
Edificio Desarrollo Farmacéutico. / Avda. Conocimiento 3. / Parque Tecnológico Ciencias de la Salud. 18016 Granada. Avda Conocimiento 34, 18016 Granada

natural products, untargeted metabolomics, microbial secondary metabolism, drug discovery, molecular probes


Fungal and bacterial systems; cancer cell lines, human pathogens


Microbial isolation and scale up fermentation, Natural product chemistry (isolation and structural elucidation), Analytical platform (LC-MS and NMR) for bioanalysis and metabolomics; high throughput screening platform, High content imaging; phenotypic screening; high throughput cultivation of human cell lines;

Collaborations outside COST

MEDINA collaborates with academic and industrial teams including biologists, chemists and microbiologist involving: basic and applied research of molecular targets and in vitro and animal models in cancer, neurodegeneration, and infectious and parasitic diseases; the identification of metabolomic biomarkers; the isolation and structural elucidation of novel natural products and metabolic profiling of secondary metabolites; the exploitation of secondary metabolism of novel and/or previously uncultivated microorganisms. MEDINA participates in six EU consortia (EU-FP7 PHARMASEA, MC-ITN-PARAMET, MC-IAPP-Microsmetics and IMI-ND4BB ENABLE; H2020 BLUEandGREEN; H2020 Ocean Medicines).

Short description of ongoing research projects

Epigenetic modulation of fungal and bacterial secondary metabolism; induction of cryptic biosynthetic pathways in bacteria and fungi; natural products metabolomic profiling; application of natural product metabolites as specific effectors in cancer metabolism and cell cycle; drug discovery of anticancer compounds.

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Other activities of potential interest to others

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