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Maria Duca group - Synthesis and Biomolecular Interactions
Institut de Chimie de Nice, UMR7272 CNRS Université de Nice Sophia Antipolis Parc Valrose 06100 Nice

microRNAs, small-molecule ligands, inhibitors, Dicer cleavage, small molecules/RNA interactions


Chemistry: multimodal RNA ligands – drug design & organic synthesis. Biochemistry: small molecules/RNA interactions, in vitro enzymatic assays


Organic synthesis, solid-phase synthesis, HTS, Dicer enzymatic assays, RNases footprints

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Short description of ongoing research projects

Design and synthesis of RNA ligands targeting oncogenic miRNAs precursors specifically. Study of the inhibition of Drosha and Dicer cleavage of these precursors by the synthesized molecules and of the interactions between ligands and miRNAs precursors responsible for the inhibition effect.

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  2. Vo D.D., Staedel C., Zehnacker L., Benhida R., Darfeuille F., Duca M. Targeting the production of oncogenic microRNAs with multimodal synthetic small molecules ACS Chem. Biol. 2014 9, 711-721.
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  5. Duca, M. Design of multimodal small molecules targeting miRNAs biogenesis: synthesis and in vitro evaluation Methods Mol. Biol. In press
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