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Gabbianelli's group
School of Pharmacy, UNICAM Università degli Studi di Camerino Piazza Cavour 19/f 62032 Camerino MC

Neurodegeneration, Environmental pesticide, DNA methylation, Gene expression, Obesity


Cell lines, rat models, patient samples


- In vivo rat models - In vitro systems for bioactive compounds testing - Gene expression (RT-PCT, WB) - DNA methylation (HRM, MSP) - Genotyping (TaqMan, HRM) - Redox system

Collaborations outside COST

My lab collaborates with Medical Doctors (Neurologists, Nutritionists) for patient materials, Biologists (Geneticists and Molecular Biologists) for molecular characterization, Pharmacologists for animal model, Bioinformatics for in silico models.

Short description of ongoing research projects

1) Molecular and epigenetic characterization of a Parkinson-like syndrome induced by early-life permethrin treatment (a pyrethroid assumed through diet) in rats. 2) Genetics and epigenetic determinants of adipocytes differentiation and their involvement in obesity onset.

  1. Vincenzetti S., Nasuti C., Fedeli D., Ricciutelli M., Pucciarelli S. and Gabbianelli R. Proteomic analysis for early neurodegenerative biomarker detection in an animal model. Biochimie (2016) 121: 79–86.
  2. Bordoni L., Nasuti C., Mirto M., Caradonna F. and Gabbianelli R. Intergenerational effect of early life exposure to permethrin: changes in global DNA methylation and in Nurr1 gene expression. Toxics (2015) 3(4), 451-461.
  3. Ziolkowski W., Flis D. J., Halon M., Vadhana D.MS, Olek R A., Carloni M., Antosiewicz J., Kaczor J. J. and Gabbianelli R. Prolonged swimming promotes cellular oxidative stress and p66Shc phosphorylation but does not induce oxidative stress in mitochondria in the rat heart. Free Radical Research 2015 49(1): 7-16.
  4. Gabbianelli R., Carloni M., Marmocchi F., Nasuti C., Fedeli D., Laudadio E., Massaccesi L. and Galeazzi R. Permethrin and its metabolites affects Cu/Zn Superoxide conformation: fluorescence and in silico evidences.Molecular BioSystems (2015)11: 208-217.
  5. Carloni M., Nasuti C., Fedeli D., Montani M., Amici A., Vadhana D.M.S, and Gabbianelli R. The impact of early life permethrin exposure on development of neurodegeneration in adulthood. Experimental Gerontology (2012) 47(1): 60-66.
Other activities of potential interest to others

Member of the International Society of Nutrigenetics and Nutrigenomics Member of the Italian Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Chair of Organizing and Scientific Committee of the European Summer School Nutrigenomics, University of Camerino, Italy Delegate for inter-University Cooperation Europe and Asia Member of Editorial Board /Reviewer: Food and Public Health Journal of Health Science Research In Neuroscience International Journal of Sports Science Journal of Environmental Chemistry And Ecotoxicology (Member Of The Editorial Team).

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