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Immune Endocrine Epigenetics Research Group
29, rue Henri Koch L-4354 Esch-sur-Alzette LUXEMBOURG

methylation; HPA-Axis; clinical; pre-clinical, Behavioural epigenetics, DNA methylation, glucocorticoid receptor, stress response


cell lines, early life immune programming (mice), restraint stress (mice, rats) chronic social stress (mice and rats), Psychosocial stress e.g. TSST, seCPT in humans, human cohorts e.g. early life adversity (post-institutionalisation)


Methyl-Seq MeDIP-Seq Pyrosequencing Clinical cohorts

Collaborations outside COST

Uni. Trier (Germany) LACDR (NL) Uni. Luxembourg (LU) Uni Bergen (NO)

Short description of ongoing research projects

EpiPath – Severe childhood adversity is thought to be one of the strongest risk factors for three major public health problems: cardiovascular disease, upper respiratory tract infections (URTI) and mental health problems. The principal interface between the environment and the genome is epigenetic methylation of genomic DNA. Our working hypothesis is that early life adversity induces high risk epigenetic modifications, and a cohort of young adults that experienced poor early life conditions are currently being recruited.

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