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Oppermann Group. Epigenetic Mechanisms in Musculoskeletal Disease
Botnar Research Centre, University of Oxford, OX3 7LD, UK
United Kingdom

histone demethylase, Jumonji enzymes, epigenetic screening, epigenetic inhibitor, primary cell culture


myeloma, sarcoma cell culture, multiple myeloma, mesenchymal stem cells, various inflammatory cell types


assay development, primary cell culture, inhibitor characterisation, mesenchymal stem cell, bone oncology, Cytof, CHIPseq, RNAseq, ATACseq

Collaborations outside COST

Nick Athanasou (Oxford), Nick LaThangue (Oxford), Chris Schofield/Akane Kawamura (Oxford), Paul Brennan/Chas Bountra (SGC Oxford); Jun Qi (Dana Farber), Roland Schuele (Freiburg); Hinrich Gronemeyer (Strasbourg); Tamer Onder (Istanbul);

Short description of ongoing research projects

The use of chemical biology to understand human biology is a major focus of the Oppermann group and is currently applied to the field of epigenetic mechanisms in stem cell biology, as well as chronic inflammatory and metabolic diseases.

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