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Ivanov. Gene Regulation Dep.
Department of Gene Regulations, Institute of Molecular Biology, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia 1113, Bulgaria

gene regulation, gene reprogramming, gene modifications, epigenomics, DNA glycation


bacterial cell systems, insect and mammalian cells


gene cloning, gene expression, DNA sequencing, protein isolation, separation techniques.

Collaborations outside COST

My research group keeps extensive collaboration with many Europeans (in Spain, Germany, Czech Republic), Canadian (University of Toronto, Carlton University, Laval University) and Japan (Nagoia University)

Short description of ongoing research projects

Supression of the human IFN-gamma gene expression; Development of new drugs for authoimmune diseases based on the IFN-gamma suppression; Glycation of DNA and proteins in bacteria; DNA mutagenesis related with its glycation (subject linked to the topic “epigenetic writers”); Enzimes repairing glycated DNA (subject linked to the topic “epigenetic erasers”); various bioinformatic studies.

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