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Yahubyan lab. Plant gene regulation.
Galina Yahubyan. Dept. Plant Physiology and Molecular biology, University of Plovdiv. 24, Tzar Assen Str. 4000-Plovdiv. Bulgaria.

Plant stress, RNA polymerase IV, V, RNA-dependent DNA-methylation, small RNAs, gene regulation


model dicotyledoneous plant Arabidopsis thaliana


Methylation sensitive qPCR, RT-qPCR

Collaborations outside COST

My research group collaborates with bioinfomaticians (analysis of small RNAs from deep sequencing libraries).

Short description of ongoing research projects

The main objective of our research is to contribute to uncovering the role of the plant specific RNA polymerases – Pol IV and Pol V in the transcriptional control of plant stress response. We are looking for connection between methylation status and expression levels of stress-responsive protein-coding genes and of microRNA genes.

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  2. Baev V., Milev I., Naydenov M, Vachev T, Apostolova E., Mehterov N., Gozmanva M., Minkov G., Sablok G and Yahubyan G (2014) Insight into small RNA abundance and expression in high- and low-temperature stress response using deep sequencing in Arabidopsis. Plant Physiology and Biochemistry, 84: 105-114.
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