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ETAC (Epigenetic Targeting Of Cancer) at MFO (Maison Française d'Oxford)
2-10 Norham Road Oxford OX2 6SE

Medicinal chemistry, drug design, cytosine chemistry, HMT inhibitors, DNMT inhibitors


Heterocyclic chemistry, cytosine functionalization


Organic chemistry, Design and synthesis of HMT and DNMT inhibitors

Collaborations outside COST

Maison Française d’Oxford (UK), conference organisation. Laboratoire de transformations chimiques et pharmaceutiques, CNAM Paris (Fr), organic chemistry.

Short description of ongoing research projects

Design and synthesis of inhibitors of epi-methyltransferases. Fonctionnalization of 5-methylcytosine derivatives.

  1. Rational Design of Bisubstrate-Type Analogues as Inhibitors of DNA Methyltransferases in Cancer Cells. Halby L. et al., J Med Chem. 2017;60(11):4665-4679.
  2. DNA Methylation Targeting: The DNMT/HMT Crosstalk Challenge. Castillo-Aguilera O et al., Biomolecules. 2017 Jan 5;7(1).
  3. Targeting DNA methylation with small molecules: what's next? Erdmann A, et al., J Med Chem. 2015; 26;58(6):2569-83.
  4. Design and synthesis of new non nucleoside inhibitors of DNMT3A. Erdmann A, et al., Bioorg Med Chem., 2015;23(17):5946-53.
  5. Rapid synthesis of new DNMT inhibitors derivatives of procainamide. Halby L. et al., Chembiochem. 2012; 13(1):157-65.
Other activities of potential interest to others

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