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Angel de Lera group: Chemistry of Retinoids and Epigenetic Modulators
Universidad de Vigo, Facultad de Quimica. Quimica Organica. Campus Lagoas Marcosende, 36310, Vigo, (SPAIN)

Natural products, total synthesis, modulators, KMT, HDM


Stereoselective synthesis, structure elucidation


Organic synthesis; lab automation

Collaborations outside COST

Dr. Hinrich Gronemeyer Research Director (DRCE) I.N.S.E.R.M., IGBMC 67404 Illkirch Cedex, BP10142 France Tel: +(33) 388 65 3473 Fax: +(33) 388 65 3437 Email:

Short description of ongoing research projects

Design and synthesis of epigenetic modulators based on the structure of natural products: focus on psammaplin A/bisaprasin, chaetocin/chetomin, nahuoic acid and tripartin

  1. Synthesis of 7-Alkylidene-7,12-dihydroindolo[3,2-d]benzazepine-6-(5H)-ones (7-Alkylidene-Paullones) by N-cyclization-Oxidative Heck Cascade and Characterization as Sirtuin Modulators. J. G. Denis, G. Franci, L. Altucci, J. M. Aurrecoechea, A. R. de Lera, and R. Álvarez. Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry, 2015, 13, 2800-2810.
  2. Novel Symmetrical Ureas as Modulators of Protein Arginine Methyl Transferases Noelia Fontán, Patricia García-Domínguez, Rosana Álvarez, Ángel R. de Lera Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry, 2013; 21 ( 7) 2056–2067
  3. A DNA Methyltransferase Modulator Inspired by Peyssonenyne Natural Product Structures. Garcia-Dominguez, Patricia; Weiss, Melanie; Lepore, Ilaria; Alvarez, Rosana; Altucci, Lucia; Gronemeyer, Hinrich; de Lera, Angel R. ChemMedChem 2012. 7 (12) 2101–2112.
  4. Indole-Derived Psammaplin A Analogues as Epigenetic Modulators with Multiple Inhibitory Activities. Pereira, Raquel; Benedetti, Rosaria; Perez-Rodriguez, Santiago; Nebbioso, Angela; Garcia-Rodriguez, Jose; Carafa, Vincenzo; Stuhldreier, Mayra; Conte, Mariarosaria; Rodriguez-Barrios, Fatima; Stunnenberg, Hendrik G.; Gronemeyer, Hinrich; Altucci, Lucia; de Lera, Angel R. Journal of Medicinal Chemistry (2012), 55(22), 9467-9491
  5. Death Receptor Pathway Activation and Increase of ROS Production by the Triple Epigenetic Inhibitor UVI5008. Nebbioso A.; Pereira R, Khanwalkar H, Matarese F, Garcia-Rodriguez J, Miceli M, Logie C, Kedinger V, Ferrara F, Stunnenberg HG, de Lera AR, Gronemeyer H, Altucci L. Molecular Cancer Therapeutics 2011, 10, 2394-2404
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