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Medicinal Chemistry
University of Ljubljana Faculty of Pharmacy The Chair of Pharmaceutical Chemistry Aškerčeva 7, SI-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

Medicinal chemistry, epigenetics, cancer


heterocycles, natural products,


NMR, MS, robotic multi plate reader, in house chemical libraries

Collaborations outside COST

Short description of ongoing research projects

Design, synthesis and biochemical evaluation of new compounds as: • HDAC inhibitors as anticancer compounds • Topoisomerase inhibitors as anticancer compounds

  1. Analogues of the marine alkaloids oroidin, clathrodin, and hymenidin induce apoptosis in human HepG2 and THP-1 cancer cells. MedChemComm, 2015, 6, 105-110
  2. A convenient strategy for synthesizing the Agelas alkaloids clathrodin, oroidin, and hymenidin and their (un)saturated linker analogs. Tetrahedron letters, 2014, 55, 3999-4001.
  3. Synthesis of alkyl N -(4-nitrophenyl)-3/2-oxomorpholine-2/3-carboxylates by rhodium(II) acetate catalyzed O-H and N-H carbene insertion. Tetrahedron letters, 2013, 54, 3341-3343.
  4. Novel 1,4-benzoxazine and 1, 4-benzodioxine inhibitors of angiogenesis. European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, 2012, 58, 160-170.
  5. 2-aminoimidazoles in medicinal chemistry. Mini reviews in medicinal chemistry, 2013, 13, 1921-1943.
Other activities of potential interest to others

Gyrase Inhibitors Targeting the ATP-Binding Site as antibacterial compounds

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