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BIOHET. Biologically relevant heterocycles.
School of Pharmacy, Universidad Complutense, Madrid

Therapy of neurodegenerative diseases; chemotherapy of neglected diseases; chemotherapy of cancer; small-molecule theranostics; diversity-oriented synthesis


Multicomponent reactions; domino reactions; asymmetric organocatalysis; green chemistry


Microwave-assisted synthesis; high-speed vibration milling; chiral HPLC; fluorimetry

Collaborations outside COST

We have ongoing collaborations with several pharmacology groups, especially in the field of neuroprotection

Short description of ongoing research projects

- Development of new multicomponent and domino reactions for diversity-oriented synthesis-based medicinal chemistry projects. - Development of new anti-Alzheimer compounds using multi-target approaches. - Development of new antiprion compounds using multi-target approaches. - Development of small-molecule theranostic agents for amyloid proteins involved in neurodegenerative diseases. - Development of new anticancer agents targeted at topoisomerase I and the TRPM8 channel receptor. - Development of new antiviral agents targeted at HIV integrase. - Development of new agents targeted at mitochondria for the chemotherapy of neglected diseases caused by protozoa of the Trypanosomatida order. - Development of new antitubercular agents using multi-target approaches.

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Other activities of potential interest to others

J. C. Menéndez is the coordinator at UCM of the PhD program “Medicinal Chemistry”, which may be of interest in support for applications to the Innovative Training Networks (ITN) Scheme. This program has the “Towards Excellence” recognition from the Spanish Education Department and is one of the founding members of the Paul Ehrlich MedChem Euro PhD network (

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