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Laboratory of Genomics and Molecular biology,
Department of Pharmacy and Biotechnology, University of Bologna, via Irnerio 48, 40126 Bologna

epigenetic mechanisms, DNA topoisomerase, epigenetic drugs, non-B DNA, genetic diseases


cancer cell lines, primary cells, anima models


genomic mapping by ChIP, DRIP and DRIPc techniques, bioinformatics analysis of C-methylation in DNA and RNA, bioinformatics for ChIP and DRIP, high throughput compound screening, biochemical enzyme assays, qrt-PCR, siRNA, genetic transfection, analysis of cellular histone, markers and enzymes (IF, WB), Bisulfite sequencing, cell vitality (MTT), apoptosis, cell cycle analyses

Collaborations outside COST

My collaborations include joint projects with 1) chemists of my Department and others from different Universities aiming at discovering novel enzyme inhibitors; 2) US labs aiming at defining enzymes regulating non-B DNA structures such as R loops; 3) european labs to define specific steps of cellular response to DNA damage.

Short description of ongoing research projects

Our general goal is twofold: 1) the definition of novel chromatin and DNA structures regulating transcription of genes relevant to diseases such as cancers and neurological disorders of genetic origin. In particular, we are interested in non-B DNA structures, and histone modifications and enzymes affecting the stability and functions of these structures including R loops and guanine quartets; 2) the definition of the role of DNA damage and DNA repair mechanisms in transcription regulation of specific cancer-related genes. In parallel, we are also strongly committed to discover new compounds interfering with epigenetic processes or inhibiting DNA repair enzymes with potential pharmacological activities.

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Other activities of potential interest to others

Chairman, PhD program in Cellular and molecular Biology, Bologna University Chair, Biotechnology Degree Program, Bologna University

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