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Organic synthesis and biosensors for epigenetics.
Université de Poitiers. Bât B27 - TSA 51106. 4, rue Michel Brunet 86073 POITIERS CEDEX 9

HDAC, inhibitor, organic synthesis, delivery, cancer, asymmetric organic synthesis , biomolecules, sensors, epigenetics, (in)organic nanoparticles



Collaborations outside COST

Network REpiCGO, France, LCPO Bordeaux

Short description of ongoing research projects

Design of selective HDAC inhibitors, Design of nanoparticle-based assays

  1. – Patent: INPI deposit FR11 55761 2011 nanocarriers or particles and their use as drug and / or diagnostic agent. Condo CNRS / INSERM / Université de Poitiers. R. Delatouche, P. Bertrand, F. Collette, V. Héroguez, F. Gueugnon C. Blanquart, Mr. Gregory. Extension during PCT.
  2. – Blanquart C, François M, Charrier C, Bertrand P, Gregoire M. 2011. Pharmacological Characterization of Histone Deacetylase Inhibitor and Tumor Cell-Growth Inhibition Properties of New Compounds benzofuranone. Curr Cancer Drug Targets. 11 (8) :919-28.
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  5. – Philippe Bertrand and Jean Pierre Gesson Click Chemistry with O-Dimethylpropargylcarbamate for Preparation of pH-Sensitive Functional Groups. A Case Study. J. Org. Chem. 2007, 72, 3596-3599
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