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Medicinal Chemistry group
Faculty of Sciences of University of Porto. Dep. Chem & Biochem. Rua Campo Alegre 687, 4169-007. Porto

Neurodegenerative diseases; Neurooncology; Neglected diseases Design and development of new chemical entities (NCE); Development of multi- or dual-target ligands; Development of delivery systems


Design and development of new chemical libraries based on natural scaffolds (e.g cinnamic acids, coumarins , chromones).


Synthesis and analysis of bioactive compounds; Evaluation of diverse physicochemical properties; In house enzymatic and antioxidant assays

Collaborations outside COST

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Short description of ongoing research projects

The drug discovery and development undergoing projects are related with: -Design and synthesis of bioactive compounds (new chemical entities-NCE) with the following potential applications: antioxidants (prevention and/or therapy) and /or for anti-inflammatory, anticancer, oxidative-stress related disorders, namely neurodegenerative diseases (Parkinson and Alzheimer) and antimicrobials. Lead optimization is performed through tailored structural modification. The rational methodology relies on appropriate screening assays in the light of the SAR (SPAR) QSAR (QSPR) and QSTR results. -Development of pharma and bioinformatics tools suitable for lead optimization (QSAR and ADMET databases) and molecular modeling. -Evaluation of drug´s physicochemical parameters (e.g partition coefficients, redox potentials) -Development of lipossomes, cyclodextrins and polymeric -drug systems for biomedical application.(drug delivery and/or improvement of physicochemical properties). On-going funding projects: -BP4Brain - Benzopyrane as a privileged structure for the rational design of multi-target-directed drugs potentially useful in neurodegenerative diseases” -Development of Functional Materials - NORTE-07-0124-FEDER-000065 -MitoBOOST: a next-generation therapeutics for non-alcoholic fatty liver disease based on smart antioxidant delivery to mitochondria

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