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The Action will be the major port of call for European chemistry researchers interested in the area of epigenetics. However, the focus of the Action will not be limited to chemistry, and there will be participation from molecular biologists, pharmacologists, pharmacists, microbiologists and clinicians.

The Action will provide a fertile setting for the creation of interdisciplinary collaborations.

The Action will directly lead to scientifc and technological advances in many areas including medicine, agriculture and microbiology. It will impact upon the discovery of novel diagnostics as well as therapeutics and facilitate the use of epigenetic drugs in personalised medicine.

The Action will lead to the discovery of new tools for stem cell research and methods for influencing microbial fermentation. All of these applications have the potential to strongly impact upon the European economy and societal needs.

The primary outcome will come from joint publications by members of the Action. Where appropriate, intellectual property will be protected by patents prior to disclosure. A second outcome will be the networking between scientists leading to joint applications for national and European funding. In addition to the above two scientific outcomes, a third and important outcome will be the number of ESRs (Early Stage Researchers) that are exposed to epigenetic research by the Action through workshops, training schools and STSMs (Short Term Scientific Missions).

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