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Ronan Murphy group. Cardiovascular related epigenetics.
DCU School of Health & Human Performance. DCU, Glasnevin. Dublin 9. Ireland

Cardiovascular biology, epigenetic machinery, bio-mechanotransduction, miRNA, in vitro/ex vivo organotypic cellular modelling


Endothelial cells, vascular smooth muscle cells, megakaryocytes and platelets, microvesicles, patient samples


In vitro physiological cellular modelling 9including co-culture) Differentiation of megakaryocyte stem cells to platelets Platelet function and physiology Mitochondrial assessment Integrin biology Diagnostic and prognostic development Flow cytometry and cell sorting Real Time cellular analysis (xCELLigence impedance system) miRNA analysis (TLDA) and targeting 3′LIFE: a functional assay to detect miRNA targets in high-throughput Gene and siRNA delivery and functional analysis

Collaborations outside COST

My lab collaborates with pharmaceutical companies to assist in the development of new therapeutics (pre-clinical to phase 2 clinical trials). This work is carried out through Java Clinical Research, for which I also act as a scientific consultant. I have also established a vascular biobank in collaboration with The Mater Hospital, Dublin (atherosclerotic plaques). I also develop diagnostic and prognostic indices tests to monitor cardiovascular competence in exercise rehabilitation clinics (MedEx) for chronic illnesses (Cardiovascular disease, cancer, peripheral artery disease, COPD, diabetes). I also work with the European and French Space Agencies (ESA and CNES), in collaboration with Prof. Marc-Antoine Custaud (University of Angers, France) on the physiological effects of space flight (microgravity) on the cardiovascular system, focusing on platelet physiology. We also have developed a high through put miRNA functional target screen, in collaboration with Prof. Marco Mangone (Arizona State University).

Short description of ongoing research projects

Platelets as a biomarker of epigenetic drift in the cardiovascular compartment (mitochondrial epigenetics, platelet function and physiology, platelet miRNA biology); Epigenetics and miRNA biology of vascular cells (endothelial and vascular smooth muscle cells) and the role of biomecanotransduction in their regulation. Integrin signaling and cytoskeleal dynamics. Microvesicle biology (role in health and disease). Circulating stem cells. Targeting vascular inflammation (role of miRNA and epigenetics).

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  2. • Cellular Microparticle Response to a HighH Fat Meal with and without Prior Exercise. Michael Harrison*, Ronan P. Murphy*, Paul L. O'Connor, Donal J. O'Gorman, Noel McCaffrey, Philip M. Cummins, Niall M. Moyna. *Co-Authors. European Journal of Applied Physiology. Jul;106(4):555-62, 2009.
  3. • Megakaryocytes derived from embryonic stem cells implicate CalDAG-GEF1 in integrin signalling. Koji Eto, Ronan Murphy, Steve W. Kerrigan, Alessandra Bertoni, Heidi Stuhlmann, Toru Nakano, Andrew D. Leavitt, and Sanford J. Shattil. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of America, Vol. 99: no. 20; 12819-12824, 2002.
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  5. • Prospective evaluation of the risk conferred by factor V Leiden and thermolabile methylene tetrahydrofolate reductase polymorphisms in pregnancy. Ronan P. Murphy, Catherine Donoghue, Ruth J. Nallen, Melwyn D'Mello, Carmen Regan, Alexander S. Whitehead, Desmond J. Fitzgerald. Athersclerosis, Thrombosis and Vascular Biology, 20: 266-270, 2000.
Other activities of potential interest to others

Clinical trials (Java clinical Research) Space flight and its effects on Cardiovascular Physiology Prescriptive exercise and preventive medicine Development of diagnostic and prognostic assays for chronic illnesses (MC)

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