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Department of Drug chemistry

anticancer, tumor microenvironment, drug transport, tumor models, targeting therapy


2D and 3D tumor models, antimicrobial activity testing models


3D inverse invasion assay, 3D spheroid invadopodia formation, clonogenic assay, soft agar assay, 3D Bioprinting, MTT (XTT), apoptosis/necrosis determination, confocal imaging

Collaborations outside COST

Short description of ongoing research projects

We are studying the drug penetration and activity in tumor microenvironment. We are doing experiments in tumor 2D (cell monolayers) and 3D (tumor spheroids) models, as the activity of compounds may differ a lot in those two systems. Also we study synergistic activity of chemical compounds/drugs and sonoporation influence on compound activity, make the functionalized nanoparticles for cancer targeting and study them in cell models.

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