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Department of Biological DNA Modification, Klimasauskas group.
JGMC, Vilnius University Institute of Biotechnology, Saulėtekio al. 7, LT-10257 Vilnius

DNA methylation, methyltransferase mechanism and engineering, synthetic analogues of AdoMet, new methods for epigenome analysis, non-coding RNA


epigenomic tools, DNA methylation, methyltransferase mechanism and engineering


Targeted covalent labeling of DNA/RNA, DNA methylome profiling, NGS, enzyme engineering, synthesis of AdoMet analogues, miRNA analysis, HPLC-MS

Collaborations outside COST

Rob Neely/Johan Hofkens, Single molecule genotyping/ KU Leuven, Belgium Art Petronis, Epigenome studies/Toronto U., Canada Matthias Bochtler/ DNA demethylation mechanisms, IIMCB, Warsaw, Poland Guoliang Xu/ DNA methylation demethylation, SIBS Shanghai, China

Short description of ongoing research projects

Molecular tools for genome-wide profiling of epigenetic marks (DNA/RNA methylation). Single-cell temporal tracking of DNMT action in live cells (ERC). Cellular regulation involving non-coding RNAs. Biosynthetic selenoproteins with genetically-encoded photocaged selenocysteines

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Other activities of potential interest to others

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