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Teresa Roldan Group. Epigenetics and DNA Repair Group
University of Cordoba/IMIBIC. Department of Genetics. 14071-Cordoba. SPAIN.

DNA glycosylases. 5-methylcytosine, base excision repair, DNA demethylation, Epigenetic erasers.


Arabidopsis, cancer cell lines, patient samples.


- Biochemical analysis of DNA demethylation and base excision repair activities in purified proteins and cell extracts. - DNA methylation analysis (methyl-specific PCR; pyrosequencing of bisulfite-modified DNA). - Cell transfection. - CRISPR-based editing. - In vitro proliferation assays: MTT, colony formation assays - Assays for clonogenic growth potential: tumor sphere assays.

Collaborations outside COST

Our lab collaborates with leading international groups in DNA demethylation processes in plants. We also collaborate with several basic research and clinical and groups at IMIBIC including chemists (metabolomics), biochemists (proteomics), cell biologists (signal transduction) and oncologists (breast and colon cancer). We also have links to biotechnological companies (CANVAX).

Short description of ongoing research projects

Understand the basic molecular and cellular mechanisms of DNA demethylation in a well-known model system. Develop useful tools and potential applications of DNA demethylation in both basic and biomedical research.

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